Interested in volunteering at Ferber or within the Appleton Area School District? Ferber is seeking volunteers for helping out in the library and in the classroom.

Event volunteers are also needed for our annual events.

PTO Room Parent

Parent volunteers in each classroom (assigned at beginning of year) that act as a liaison between the PTO Board and all parents within their child’s classroom to create awareness of volunteering opportunities and fundraisers.

Room Parents also work with their classroom teacher (if needed) on room-specific functions (party planning, etc.) and help facilitate Teacher Appreciation Week for that teacher.

First Day Bus Helpers
Parent volunteers are needed the first few days of school in the morning and afternoon to help assist the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students (and any new students to Ferber) in getting on/off the school bus and to/from the correct classroom. This helps ease the minds of the students (and parents) to help make the first few days of school less stressful.

Parent volunteers are needed and welcome! Contact us or find us on Facebook to sign up.

Volunteering in the AASD