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Parent Organizations

It is through the collaborative efforts of the community that we continue to grow as an organization and meet the needs of our students. Please consider joining us in achieving this goal. 

Your participation is encouraged and welcomed as we shape our District together.

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Ferber PTO

The Ferber PTO is a 100% volunteer-driven association of families, teachers, and staff from the Ferber School community. Throughout the school year, the Ferber PTO sponsors a wide variety of programs and activities that strengthen the bonds between parents, children, and their community. The corporation is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at Ferber Elementary by fostering relationships among school, parents, staff members and volunteers.

The PTO funds all of their own programs through various fundraisers throughout the year. Your support directly affects current and future students of Ferber Elementary.
Study after study show that student success is highly correlated to parent involvement, both at home and at school. Thank you for making the effort that increases connections between fellow Ferber parents, students, and staff. Your support helps enhance your students’ school year.

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